BigCommerce API integration for a multi-platform application

Having hands-on experience in Spree, Shopify and BigCommerce, as a team we have worked on a number of projects, but then we received a task to implement BigCommerce integration for a multiplatform app. This app is already having integrations with Magento and Shopify, and now we have to add one more feather in the hat — BigCommerce!...
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Monitoring Cryptocurrency Markets – CryptoCompare Python API Client

What is CryptoCompare? CryptoCompare is an interactive platform where you can discuss the latest crypto trends and monitor all cryptocurrency markets streaming in real time. It provides a public API which allows getting cryptocurrency pricing, OHLC and volume data for multiple exchanges. How did it start? While working on one of the Django based projects we...
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How to fix No route matches [GET] “/auth/shopify” after introducing devise with Omniauth?

I am working on a platform which connects with various eCommerse platforms to read all the products being sold on store and prepare a proprietary XML feed which is used to optimise Google Adwords. The application started with Shopify App developement and so we are using Shopify as OAuth provider. All good, the app is...
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fetch all products using shopify’s ruby sdk?

How To Fetch All Products Using Shopifys Ruby SDK?

Shopify’s Product’s API returns 50 products by default and can fetch max 250 records in one go. So to get all the products, we need to iterated though all the products via pagination mechanism. For that we first have to find total number of products on the store. Following API would help us to get...
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Amazon S3 Using From A Ruby Application

How To Upload A File To Amazon S3 Using From A Ruby Application?

You must be quite acquainted uploading files especially images S3 using Paperclip, CarrierWave etc., gems. But what if you just want to upload a file without any kind of pre / post processing or ActiveRecord integration? Paperclip, CarrierWave are great gems but it would be over killing to use such gems where you need very...
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RSpec and MiniTest

Super Fast VCR Configuration for RSpec and MiniTest

You determined to use VCR by reading following from the README: Record your test suite’s HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests. But the README of VCR gem has a little clutter and the configuration mentioned there shows few deprecation warning when we run the spec. Here is...
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Create Custom Shopify App With Rails

How To Create Custom Shopify App With Rails?

Shopify store owners need more powerful features, services and plugins to customize their store’s workflow for boosting the sales and managing the store workflow. There are large number of apps available on Shopify’s App store in different categories to enhance the Store. Creating an app for shopify using Ruby on Rails is very easy as...
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Integrate Shopify Store With Dropshipping

How To Integrate Shopify, Oberlo And Aliexpress To Power Your Store With Dropshipping?

I am going to integrate Shopify store with AliExpress using Oberlo for dropshipping. I assume that you have basic knowledge of Shopify and how to setup store on it. It’s pretty straight forward. Go to Shopify Site — and You have to just enter basic details like email, password and your store name. It also creates store URL for you....
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youtube api

Instant problem solving — YouTube API integration issue

While working on an assignment, we came across an urgent task from the customer where we need to fix a performance issue for the YouTube API integration. What is it? The Rails app we received had a YouTube integration using yt gem, using which we need to search YouTube videos and fetch metadata - content details, statistics,...
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optimization tips

Optimization Tips when Using PHP to Upload Images

Images are ubiquitous on web pages. But all images are not created equal. PHP provides the flexibility to upload files easily. However, it is important to ensure your images are optimized to thrill. PHP Library Basics for File Uploads As a scripting language, the basics of file movement for upload in PHP are straightforward. PHP open...
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manage wifi on android

React Native — Manage wifi on Android

I am working on a React Native app and there was a need to manage a Wifi network on the device. It needed to do the following, Verify if the mobile WIFI is enabled or not Fetch the WIFI network list Connect with the selected WIFI from the list Disconnect the WIFI Forget the WIFI...
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Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in Spree Commerce

Spree provides handy extensions to integrate various types of payment methods, including both online and offline options. To configure one of the supported payment gateways, you must first install the Spree_Gateway extension on your store. This guide describes how to add Stripe payment gateway to your Spree store. Providers Once the extension has been installed,...
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